Gasoline Powered Vehicles Costs California $15 Billion Per Year – That’s a B and Per Year!

By November 7, 2016 Blog
Handing pumping traditional fuel into car

A recent report from the American Lung Association states Californian use of gas-powered cars costs the state $15 billion per year in health and climate-related expenses.

The report specifies the costs of smog and climate pollution caused by passenger related vehicles.

In evaluating health care costs, researchers considered asthma related issues, hospitalizations and premature deaths.

Bonnie Holmes-Gen, the Lung Association of California’s senior director of Air Quality and Climate Change, said the health effects in California alone are staggering.

“California has some of the worst air in the country, as we know. And in order to clean up the air, and reduce community health impacts, we need to substantially reduce the emissions from transportation sources,” she said.

California policy calls for 15 percent of the cars sold by 2025 to be zero-emission vehicles.

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