How Can Electric Car Charging Station Manufacturers Get OCPP-Certified for Free?

By November 14, 2019 Blog
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With more and more consumers driving electric vehicles and making “green” choices every day, electric car charging station manufacturers are supporting consumers through new products and services.  Having more commercial EV charging station options to choose from is now more important than ever.  Businesses and organizations that can offer these new amenities stand to reap the benefits of such corporate stewardship.

Offering EV charging infrastructure can come with its own challenges.  Just as with any other piece of infrastructure, there are deployment, operation, and maintenance costs to consider in order to guarantee long-term flexibility and to maximize ROI.

That’s why 10 of the largest electric car charging station manufacturers have already certified 25 charging station models with the EV Charge Station (EVCS) Certification Program to ensure compliance with Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) requirements.

These numbers aren’t surprising since manufacturers who partner with EV Connect can apply for certification for free.

Why get OCPP Certification?

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OCPP Certification exists so that the owners of commercial EV charging stations do not have to worry about being stuck with a single vendor. OCPP compliance guarantees interoperability between charging stations models with license-free, open computer code. With certification, electric car charging station manufacturers immediately communicate to potential investors that they do not have to worry about being trapped into a single vendor.

Some of these charging station companies create their own certifications that will include different methods to communicate between a networked charging station and a network management system.

However, unless that certification conforms to open standards and protocols, commercial EV charging station owners will assume the charging models have less flexibility than models with EV Charging Station Certification.

The simplest and most cost-effective way to ensure maximum ROI from your charging stations is to ensure they are compliant with OCPP 1.6-based communications requirements.  EV Charge Station (EVCS) Certification ensures communications compliance and networked capability robustness.

How to get OCPP Certified

EV Charging Station Certification is currently offered at no cost to EV Connect partners. Our partners include both electric car charging station manufacturers, owners, and property managers.  If you are not a current EV Connect Partner and are interested in becoming a partner and being part of the EV Connect Network, contact us by email at for free certification.

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