How EV Charging Fits into Your Company’s Sustainability Strategy

By August 10, 2020 Blog
choosing an electric vehicle improves your environmental impact

choosing an electric vehicle improves your environmental impactSustainability is a priority for most businesses these days. Materials are getting more expensive, making it more important than ever to minimize waste. Pollution is also a major public concern. People are looking for companies that practice environmental awareness, so it makes sense to have a sustainability strategy that reflects common environmental priorities.

The Electric Car and Environment Sustainability

For most companies, electric cars can be a part of that strategy. Did you know that 40% of the planet’s climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions is due to transportation? Electric vehicle environmental impacts are much lower than those of traditional vehicles. In the past decade, electric vehicles have come into their own, and their market share will only continue to grow. So the question is: Do you have a parking lot?

If you do, then read on to learn how EV Connect can help you improve your company’s sustainability strategy by serving this new and growing class of EV motorists.

EV Charging Stations Are a Sustainable Amenity

Whether they’re your customers, your employees, or your tenants, the people who park in your lots are concerned about sustainability, and they want to be associated with businesses that are working to make a positive difference.

Electric cars and the environment go hand-in-hand. By offering multiple, well-marked EV charging spaces on your lots with your own private label branding, you are providing a sustainable amenity that will help you to attract and retain environmentally-conscious people. These people tend to be more affluent and better educated—and there are more of them every year.

Amenities add value. If you are in a position to charge a fee to use your EV charging stations, then EV charging is also a new source of ROI for your parking facilities.

Save on Fuel And Maintenance Costs in Your Fleet Operations

If your company has a vehicle fleet, transitioning that fleet to electric will offer huge long-term savings in operating costs for fuel and maintenance. Now that EV technology has proven itself, the savings are so significant that it’s time to start thinking about traditional vehicles in terms of waste in your operating budget. This is one of the clearest ways that electric cars and the environment complement one another.

Our fleet solutions can help you manage your vehicle fleet effectively, efficiently, and hassle-free.

Show Your Commitment to The Community

Finally, accommodating electric vehicles is good for the environment and good for your wallet. Sustainability is a community issue that affects everyone. That means everyone needs to do their part. For your business, that might mean doing more to accommodate the growing social importance of the electric car, and environment-based thinking is a good way to approach the problem.

When you deploy a forward-thinking sustainability strategy that accommodates electric vehicles, it underscores your commitment and proves that your sustainability strategy is more than just words. People respect that, even those who don’t personally drive an electric vehicle. Environmental impact mitigation, and sustainability more broadly, can’t reach its full potential without public awareness.

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