How to Increase Your Property Value With EV Charging Stations

By June 13, 2018 Blog
Man holding "I want to charge at work" sign at his desk

In any business setting, embracing new technology is one of the best ways to encourage growth. As a property owner, you may be wondering how to increase your property value. Electric vehicle charging stations are a safe option with endless room for growth.

Even if you’re not planning on selling your property anytime soon, it’s always prudent to look towards the future. Installing EV charging stations is a great way to generate extra income now while boosting your property value in the future.

Attract New Faces

Electric vehicles are the future. There’s no denying that the number of EV drivers is increasing every day, and that trend is only going to continue as EVs become more accessible. The problem is that many EV drivers have limited options when it comes to charging. If you’re curious about how to increase your property value, reaching the EV market is a huge starting point.

Whether you’re a business owner, a parking lot owner, or an apartment complex manager, installing EV charging stations attract new faces that can quickly turn into new customers or tenants. Additionally, EV drivers tend to have high incomes, and that’s the type of person you really want to connect with.

Go Green

These days, individuals and businesses are constantly seeking new ways to reduce their environmental impact. Beyond just being the right thing to do for the planet, going green also improves how you (and your property) are viewed. Improving your property’s reputation naturally leads to growth and increased value.

Build a Core Customer Base

Even if you’re only thinking about how to increase your property value in case you plan on selling way down the road, installing EV charging stations now is a sound investment. EVs aren’t going anywhere, and the value of establishing your property as the go-to place for EV drivers to charge is priceless.

After all, many property owners aren’t just looking at the property itself—they’re looking for popular places with a built-in clientele. Five years from now, your property could have regulars coming to charge their vehicles on a daily basis. Besides generating income with each charging, you could include that customer base as part of your property value if you ever decided to sell.

Get in Touch Now

We’re eager to help you discover how to increase your property value with EV charging stations, and the transition is probably much easier and more affordable than you realize. We can handle everything from the infrastructure to providing cloud-based management software, and we can even help you find tax incentives and grants to offset the initial cost. Contact us now to get a quote.

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