Incentives Behind Electric Vehicle Charging Stations’ Pricing Policies

By June 27, 2017 Blog
Electric car with connected charger

It might seem like an overwhelming task to consider the undertaking of installing electric car charging stations at your business or commercial property, but it’s actually quite simple. The benefits of having EV charging stations at your location brings several benefits.  Not only does it promote the usage of environmentally friendly vehicles, but putting in charging stations also provides additional major incentives for the property owner or lessee (including tax benefits—and who doesn’t want that?).

Several states offer their own individual tax incentives, such as Alabama, where Alabama Power Company offers a $500 rebate to install Level 2 (220 volt) charging stations to commercial properties in the energy company’s territory, and New York, where the Alternative Fuels and Electric Vehicle Recharging Property Credit provides a tax credit of up to $5,000 for charging station installation through the end of 2017.

Additionally, retail and commercial property owners are in for a federal tax benefit if they choose to install charging stations: In The Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Tax Credit, Section 182, it states that fueling equipment and related infrastructure for electricity are eligible for a tax credit of 30%, up to $30,000. Needless to say, the positives of providing EV charging stations are many.

By 2018, New York State plans to take advantage of this electric vehicle forward motion and install more than 2,500 public and workplace charging stations statewide, according to New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. This program will help educate consumers and policymakers on the benefits of electric vehicles, reform regulations at state and regional levels to facilitate EV charging, and utilize the state’s resources to test advanced EV technologies and demonstrate their benefits to the public.

With a plan this progressive and bold, how do companies in New York State (and nationwide) who choose to install and provide charging stations decide how to price the service?

Pricing for electric vehicle charging vary greatly by location ; with some stations set at $1 per hour, while others are up to $5 per hour for Level 2 charging stations. Many times, they’re even free to use.  This variety of pricing is a reflection of the owner’s desire to provide a valuable amenity to their tenants, or to monetize the use of their parking facilities and charging capabilities.

It’s important to pay attention to the location’s “psychology” when selecting the pricing. If the EV charging stations are in a paid lot or garage, the property owner or lessee may consider a cheaper price point for charging so that drivers aren’t dissuaded from using those stations due to cost.


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