Increase EV Charging Station ROI and Meet Driver Demand

By February 13, 2014 Blog
EV Connect white paper

For reasons such as charging predictability, speed, and convenience, EV drivers are demanding that their workplaces install EV chargers in their parking lots.  While many facilities and sustainability managers minimally meet the demands of this vocal minority, they often do so without an eye towards the future.

This shortsighted view towards EV charging station deployments causes future expansion and ongoing management problems, including hardware, network software, and human resources, for the company.  It also leads to increased total costs of ownership (TCO) and lower returns on their EV charging station ROI.

Rather than advising customers to  throw money at their workplace’s ever-increasing EV charge station demand, this white paper focuses on trends and software solutions to help companies simultaneously meet charging demand, lower TCO, and increase ROI.

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