“Shop While Your Car Charges:” Increasing Customer Value with EV Charging Stations

By October 24, 2019 Blog
Charging Cable connected to an electric vehicle

Charging Cable connected to an electric vehicle

We all know that availability and ease of parking can either make or break a customer’s decision to choose one retail store over another. But with the electric vehicle (EV) market growing fast – 25% of vehicles sold will be electric by 2025 – an EV driver’s decision about where they’ll stop to shop will quickly be based on whether or not a retail store has fast and convenient EV charging stations.

EV charging stations can increase the value of a customer to a business.

Here are five ways electric vehicle charging stations can help you boost sales while increasing customer value.

Attract EV Drivers

More retailers, both small and large, are installing EV charging stations, and this is attracting more EV drivers. Even for small businesses that put up only one or two charging stations, business owners can expect an increase in customer traffic from EV drivers.

Hybrid and all-electric car owners are more than likely to look for a specific store or even restaurant where they can easily plug in and charge their car during regular visits.

As the EV market keeps growing, businesses can take advantage of the opportunities that EV charging stations offer to attract even more customers and increase their average value.

With increased customer traffic, business owners can even:

  • Increase the number of charging stations;
  • Introduce incentives for EV drivers;
  • Make their business place the ultimate meeting spot for EV enthusiasts.

Increase Overall Customer Spending

With more EV drivers visiting your business and staying until their car charges, they’re also more likely to spend more money in your store while their “dwell time” increases.

According to a major U.S. retailer, by simply adding EV charging stations, you can expect customers to spend up to three times more time in your store, which means they’ll spend even more.

Get Your Business on the Map

Offering EV charging also gets your business on the map. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new or located in an out-of-town location. With more people buying EVs, there is a growing need for more charging stations. EV drivers rely heavily on EV charging apps to quickly locate the nearest places where they can charge their EVs.

Most EV drivers don’t have charging stations at their homes, so they mostly charge their cars while they shop or when making stopovers when traveling. Having EV charging stations as an additional customer value service can convince more drivers and customers to choose your store over a competitor’s location.

Build Lasting Customer Connections

By offering smart EV charging solutions, where drivers can interact with stations online or via a mobile app, retailers can create engaging virtual “connections” for drivers that use their charging stations. Depending on the features of the smart charging online software or mobile app, drivers can easily submit more details to help them connect with local businesses offering EV charging.

This enables retailers to learn more about drivers who are using their charging stations and how often they use them. Smart EV charging solutions also provide a platform for getting feedback from EV drivers who use your charging stations. Getting new insights into your customers’ views in regards to the use of your EV charging stations is of great additional value to your business, as it helps you tailor services to better fit your customer needs.

Open Up EV Conversations

Offering EV charging at your store opens up the conversation around electric vehicles in your local community. You’ll be surprised at how much of the general population has no idea about all the benefits of EVs. An EV charging station can easily bring more awareness to your regular customers, and even encourage them to become future EV drivers who use the charging stations in your business – this is an added value to your business.

An Opportunity to Provide Special Offers

With increased business connections with the EV community, retailers can use this opportunity to develop loyalty programs that specifically cater to EV drivers. Offering special deals, offers, and discounts to EV drivers will definitely make them return to charge their cars at your charging stations and shop even more often.

Some of the offers you can provide include: free parking spots on specific days, free charging, or free store goodies for drivers who charge often.

Installing the Right Type of Charging Station Matters

Electric charging outlet being plugged in

If you want to install EV charging stations in your retail parking lot, you’ll want to find out what types of EV charging work best for your business.

In most cases, combining a mix of Level 2 and DC fast-charging is considered the most appropriate for most retail locations, especially in shopping malls where there are different types of stores.

Level 2 charging is recommended for retail spaces that provide multiple options like theaters, dining, and other types of stores.

DC fast-charging is ideal for stores where customers stop by for a short while to make purchases while they get a quick EV charge. Both types of EV charging are great options for better serving retail customers. Companies like EV Connect offer more customer value to businesses with EV charging stations by offering a one-stop-solution for managing charging stations.

EV Connect offers the best-in-class charging station equipment to support your growing customer base. We provide you with a simple and intuitive cloud-based management platform that provides superior flexibility in access control, asset management, and pricing policies. You don’t have to dedicate extra staff to manage your EV charging stations. EV Connect provides 24/7 driver support as well as ongoing management of your EV charging stations.

Learn more about how we can help you manage your EV charging stations, for peace of mind. Call us directly at (888)780-0062 or email us at info@evconnect.com.

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