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Man holding "I want to charge at work" sign at his desk

An article ran today in Green Car Reports entitled “Electric Car Charging At Work: The Next Big Push”.  The article’s author, Anthony Ingram, discusses the benefits to EV drivers and the expansion of the EV industry by increasing EVSE infrastructure through workplace EV charging.

While not a new discussion, we appreciate the writer’s insights and the compilation of a few helpful links and suggestions, so we thought we’d highlight a few here.

Mr. Ingram writes, “The challenge is getting your workplace to see the viability of installing chargers.  They need to be cost-effective for the business, as well as useful for its employees.”

We agree and have a number of resources you can show your employer, building or parking manager about how EV charging stations can benefit their company.

One such resource is a short white paper about Workplace Charging that your employer may find interesting and compelling.  We also have short sales sheets and white papers about EV Connect, our Management Services, charging at hotels and public sector EV charging.

We also have a page on our website to help provide tools to get charge stations where you work.

The article in Green Car Reports also links to a previous article they posted with a 5-point guide to getting workplace charging. Their five points are:

  1. Find an Ally
  2. Survey the Area
  3. Find Other Companies Who Have Done It
  4. Research Incentives
  5. Present a Fully-Finished Proposal

That is a great list and we’d like to help make it simple for you. We can immediately help with the first point:  We’ll be your ally.  We can also help by providing you information for the rest of the list.

If you’re an EV driver whose workplace does not yet offer charging stations, please contact us and we can strategize a way to help you “breathe easy” by charging at work.

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