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By August 16, 2017 Blog
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Many people wonder if an electric car is right for them. Sure, they’re environmentally responsible, but are they as easy to take care of and to use as a typical car with an internal combustion engine (ICE)?

Actually, many EV owners will say battery-operated cars are more convenient than ICE automobiles. Enter Gina M. Roccanova. The labor and employment attorney from the San Francisco Bay Area recently leased a Chevy Bolt and has so far relished her experience of driving the eco-friendly and efficient vehicle. She chose to drive an EV out of a desire for convenience, which she says her Bolt has provided through and through.

Read on to hear more about Roccanova’s background, her favorite aspect of her electric car, and how she chooses where to plug in her EV.


EV Connect: Where are you from?

Gina M. Roccanova: I’m originally from Brooklyn, New York, but grew up in New Jersey, and have lived in San Francisco for nearly 20 years.


EVC: What do you do for a living?

GMR: I’m a Labor and Employment Attorney, Principal and Practice Group Leader at Meyers Nave.


EVC: When did you purchase an electric vehicle (EV), and what kind is it?

GMR: June 18 [of this year]. It’s a Chevy Bolt, and, to be precise, I didn’t purchase—I’m leasing.


EVC: What influenced your decision to buy an EV rather than a typical, internal-combustion-engine car?

GMR: Mostly, the desire to be eco-friendly, but convenience also influenced my decision.


EVC: What’s the best part about owning an EV?

GMR: The smug sense of superiority! Just kidding. Not having to worry about finding a gas station, ever. Or oil changes. Or other engine-y stuff. 


EVC: How is having and driving an electric car different than a traditional car?

GMR: It isn’t, really. It’s more convenient, in that I just have to plug it in and never have to gas it up. 


EVC: What was the most unexpected thing that you learned after purchasing an EV?

GMR: How much pick-up my car has. It goes, “vroooooom”—only quietly. 


EVC: How do you find charging stations?

GMR: I have two apps*, plus I have [a charger] at home and one in my work garage. 


EVC: What attracts you to certain charging stations?

GMR: Location. I also like parking garages that will valet my car and charge it up for the same price it costs to just park there. 


EVC: What do you think about Volvo announcing that, starting in 2019, it will only launch new car models that are at least partially electricity-powered (hyperlink to Volvo blog post)?

GMR: That’s awesome. I want to see every car company with a mid-priced, long-range EV. 


EVC: What are your thoughts about the overall future of electric vehicles?

GMR: I think Chevy getting into this market was brilliant and marked the mainstreaming of the EV. I look forward to the technological leaps and bounds ahead.


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*Download the EV Connect smartphone app to get a map of nearby charging stations, plus monitor your charge sessions and pay for charging, as needed, securely. Search “EV Connect” in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store to get the app on your mobile device.




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