Mount Sinai Park Gets Electric Charging Stations

By June 15, 2018 Blog
Charging cable connected to red electric car

EV Connect recently teamed up with the town of Brookhaven, New York, to provide two new electric vehicle charging stations in Heritage Park in Mount Sinai. Open for public use as of September 15, 2018, these charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles were installed to encourage residents to embrace alternative energy solutions.

Town Officials Promote Electric Vehicles

Multiple Brookhaven town officials have publicly spoken about their excitement in regards to EVs, specifically highlighting the monetary savings, as well as the environmental benefits. At the time of writing, Brookhaven has one electric vehicle and four or five hybrid vehicles in its town fleet, and, as more traditional vehicles are retired, the city plans to continue opting for EVs.

Charging Station Details

EV Connect was thrilled to assist the town of Brookhaven with setting up the software and infrastructure required to install these charging stations and keep them up and running. Each charging station cost $22,000, and those costs were covered by a grant from the Energy Research and Development Authority. We can help you find similar grants.

Fortunately for EV drivers in the Brookhaven area, using the charging stations will only cost as much as the electricity itself—a negligible fee, especially compared to traditional gas.

While Brookhaven chose to keep their stations as affordable as possible, EV Connect is the most flexible choice when it comes to setting prices, giving property owners the option to charge as little or as much as they choose.

If you’re a Brookhaven resident, or if you find yourself passing through, you can find four parking spots in Heritage Park in Mount Sinai designated for electric vehicles. The spots are adjacent to the stations, and they can be identified by painted green lines and a logo of a car surrounded by a power cord.

Embrace the Future

EV Connect is absolutely thrilled to have helped to “greenify” Brookhaven, and we look forward to completing more similar projects in the future. Whether you’re a government official, a parking lot owner, or a property owner, installing EV charging stations is a fantastic way to generate extra income while also doing your part to improve the environment.

So, what can we do for you? To put it simply—everything! We can handle everything from helping you select the right equipment to providing comprehensive cloud-based software solutions for managing your stations. We also offer exceptional customer support for drivers so EV drivers can easily find charging stations through a convenient app.

Contact Us Today

Our team can help you secure cutting-edge charging stations, and we can assist you in securing government funding to drastically offset or even eliminate the cost. Get in touch with our helpful experts now, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Now is the time to join the EV revolution. Contact us today to get started.

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