New EV Charging Station Infographic

By June 10, 2014 Blog
6 Questions to Ask

We had a lot of fun creating our new EV charging station infographic entitled “6 Questions to Ask Before Buying EV Charging Stations”.  It is a helpful resource for workplaces and organizations looking to provide EV charging to their employees, customers, and/or constituents.

The six questions include:

  1. Which EV charging stations are right for me?
  2. Can you switch EV charging “networks”?
  3. How much does installation cost?
  4. How many charging stations do I need?
  5. How am I going to manage them?
  6. How do I get a high Return on Investment (ROI) and a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?

Please take a look and share it with any company or organization looking to purchase new or additional EV charging stations.


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