One in Six Cars Sold Need to be Electric in 2020 to Meet World’s Emissions Targets – World Energy Council

By September 8, 2016 Blog
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According to a new study from the World Energy Council, one in six new cars sold must be electric in 2020 to meet emissions targets set by major countries around the world.

Multiple countries have emissions targets, but have yet to force automotive manufacturers to produce electric vehicles.  The emissions targets will be impossible to meet with even the most efficient internal-combustion engine vehicles alone.  A certain portion of automotive manufacturers’ production will need to be electric vehicles.

The World Energy Council study looked at emissions targets set by the United States, major European countries, and China. While accounting for improvements in gasoline powered vehicle fuel efficiency, it still concluded that at least 16 percent of cars will need to be electric. Each country has its own “EV gap” that needs to be filled with electric cars. The study estimates that 900,000 cars sold in the United States must be electric in 2020 – that’s approximately 11 percent of vehicles sold annually. China is even worse; it needs to sell approximately 5.3 million new electric cars in 2020 or 22 percent of its estimated annual sales. Europe is in the middle at 1.4 million cars sold, or 10 percent of annual sales.

The study also concludes that the biggest barriers to electric vehicle adoption is still range anxiety.

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