Reasons We Buy Electric Vehicles

By August 22, 2013 Blog
Electric vehicle survey results

In a new survey by GfK entitled “Electric Vehicle Study 2013”, there are some interesting insights into the reasons we buy electric vehicles.

Overall, the top three positive factors associated with electric vehicles are the indirect benefits of low emission / environment friendly (77%), innovative (76%) and quiet operation / less noise pollution (73%) – with the direct personal benefits of easy to operate (68%) and low energy/fuel cost (65%) coming close behind. The top three negative associations are few choices available (67%), limited availability of service / repair locations (64%) and high purchase price and limited battery lifespan jointly at 61%. These were more widely associated with EVs than insufficient driving range (58%) and inadequate recharging infrastructure (57%).

To the 57% who indicated the negative to purchasing an EV is “inadequate recharging infrastructure”:  EV Connect can help!  We can help you get EV charging at your workplace.  (Also check out this blog post about workplace EV charging.)

The survey also summarizes the EV perceptions of various countries, and says this about the US EV market:

USA – only 36% of intenders have a favorable overall opinion of electric vehicles but still 45% are open to considering one, if it were offered in the type of vehicle they are planning to purchase. The main barrier is that they are seen as having a high purchase price and high maintenance costs. Customers in the US are not willing to pay more for electric cars compared to conventional engine cars, and they would also like to see a wider range of choices. We again see three quarters of this market perceiving ‘low emission’ as the main benefit associated with electric vehicles, with a half or more also saying ‘easy to operate’ and ‘safe’. Four out of ten see them as ‘reliable’, and under a third as ‘great value for money’ and ‘low maintenance cost’.

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