State Contract Powers Up Charging Station Firm

By March 21, 2016 News

Energy:  EV Connect to hit road with $1.8 million for electric-car infrastructure

El Segundo’s EV Connect has won a $1.8 million contract from the California Energy Commission to install electric charging stations along the West Coast Electric Highway.

The Electric Highway is a network of roadside charging stations stretching from Canada to Mexico along various state and federal highways.  EV Connect will install charging stations at host sites such as Flying J Inc. centers, Staples Inc. retail stores and Hilton Hotels & Resorts locations.

EV Connect makes charging station management software designed to help station owners and utilities regulate and monitor usage.  The company also resells and installs electric charging stations.

EV Connect will install 13 fast-charging stations, which can juice up an electric car in about 30 minutes, and Level 2 electric-vehicle charging stations, which charge electric cars in about four to six hours, along segments of State Route 99 and the 5 freeway.  EV Connect will also run the stations using its management software.

As the electric-car charging infrastructure in the United States is being filled out with new facilities through funding from government and private organizations, EV Connect has benefited.  The company has won contracts with Southern California Edison, the state of New York and various municipalities, said President Jordan Ramer.

EV Connect is contracted with SCE’s Charge Ready, a program launched in January that is piloting a network of 1,500 charging stations throughout Southern California.

“As part of that program, our software platform can curtail and stop charging based on … commands from Southern California Edison during periods they need to closely manage their (electrical) grid, “said Ramer.

EV Connect has also benefited from the spread of car charging stations throughout parking lots on corporate campuses.

“We manage corporate campuses for Yahoo, Western Digital, ADP and Dell Inc.,” he said.

EV Connect has received about $4 million in venture capital from investors including Motus Ventures, 37 Ventures, Double M Partners, Tech Coast Angels and Pasadena Angels.  The startup was founded in 2010 and now has close to 20 employees.


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