Top 3 EV Charger Network Management Tips

By August 31, 2020 Blog
A technician inspects a bank of servers, documenting observations on her laptop

A technician inspects a bank of servers, documenting observations on her laptop

At EV Connect, our network charging solutions are designed to provide organizations like yours with the tools necessary to get the most out of your EV chargers. Our software is developed for many types of businesses and organizations:

With valuable financial incentives available for purchasing and installing EV charging stations on your parking lots, now is a good time to attract the growing number of EV drivers. And with EV Connect helping you manage your stations, you’ll be able to realize the full potential of your investment.

Here are our 3 top network management tips for people who are thinking about adding EV chargers to their lots!

1. Practice Good Network Oversight & Maintenance

Like all hardware, your EV chargers require diligent monitoring and routine maintenance.

EV Connect makes these tasks easy and effective. Track usage and get performance reports to get a sense of how your EV charging stations are being utilized and whether they are meeting your goals. In the event of a maintenance issue, identifying the issue is easy and straightforward.

Better yet, our open-source software platform follows industry standards, which means that it’s also easy to monitor and maintain the network itself. And because our software is platform-agnostic, it works with the vast majority of EV charging stations out there.

2. Manage Your EV Charging Networks With Software

Software allows you to provide and manage your services more efficiently and easily. Running your EV charging network services on our EV Cloud Platform offers several key advantages:

  • With your services delivered through our software, you won’t have to struggle with maintaining your own network systems and servers, which is resource-intensive and prone to security vulnerabilities. Our software platform makes managing your EV charging points as low-maintenance and hassle-free as possible.
  • There is no need to worry about your data. It’s always backed up, always secure, and always available.
  • Just as your goal is to provide 24/7 support to your customers, using our software means that you have access to 24/7 customer support if a problem arises that you need help with.

3. Use EV Connect to Brand & Customize Your Services

Along with the inherent advantages of using management software our platform offers specific solutions that can add significant value to your EV charging points.

  • Pioneer is a white-label service that lets you use your own branding on your EV charger offerings. Providing EV charging under your own brand reinforces that it is you who is providing EV drivers with these helpful facilities and positive experience.
  • Foundation is our powerful API and administrative back-end tool suite. Foundation lets you deploy customized, highly-specific solutions, such as vehicle integration for fleet managers or payment processing for the monetization of your charging stations.
  • Roam provides integrated network roaming under Open ADR standards so that your drivers can have a familiar, consistent charging experience at EV charging points across the nation. This is a powerful tool for car rental companies, vehicle fleets, transit agencies, and others.

Contact EV Connect to Learn More

With EVs gaining market share, the need for EV charging infrastructure is high. At EV Connect, we can help you deploy and maintain smart, effective networking solutions.

Contact us to learn more about investing in charging facilities and getting the most out of your EV chargers!

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