Why Employers Should Invest in Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for the Workplace

By June 18, 2018 Blog
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Electric vehicles are more popular than ever. The number of EV drivers grows consistently each year, and those figures are only going to keep rising as EVs become increasingly accessible. In order to meet the charging needs of today’s and tomorrow’s EV drivers, many businesses are choosing to invest in electric vehicle charging stations. Here’s why.

Generate Extra Income

Naturally, one of the major motivations for installing EV charging stations is the potential for profit. The EV industry is relatively young, but it’s growing up fast. Now is the time to start capitalizing on this emerging technology before it hits the mainstream.

EVConnect gives you full control of how much you charge. Some business owners offer electric vehicle charging stations as an employee perk. Others charge just enough to recoup their electricity costs, and some charge enough to generate extra revenue.

Improve Your Company Image

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These days, many businesses are seeking out ways to go green, and offering EV charging stations is a huge leap forward. Environmentally-conscious employees will appreciate a company that provides a parking lot with EV charging stations, helping to improve your employee retention rates, and naturally boosting your company’s bottom line.

Because EV charging stations can be scarce in some areas, providing charging stations can earn you some seriously loyal customers too. Many EV owners are high-paying customers who can help your business to flourish. Now, in these early stages of the EV industry, businesses have an exciting opportunity to stand out from the competition.

Earn Tax Credits and Rebates

There are multiple opportunities for businesses to earn tax credits and rebates by offering electric vehicle charging stations for staff. After all, fewer fossil-fueled cars on the road benefit the world as a whole. There are plenty of programs and initiatives in place to make the transition as appealing as possible. Taking advantage of these tax opportunities is a great way to drastically offset the initial cost of equipment.

Gain Exposure

The EVConnect app features a map that shows exactly where EV drivers can go to charge up. If your business is on that map, drivers are going to stop by your business, and they’re going to stay for as long as it takes to charge their vehicle. Offering charging stations is a fantastic way to reach new customers who otherwise may never have heard of your business.

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Partner with EVConnect

EVConnect is proud to be the industry’s most open and flexible system. If you’re considering investing in electric vehicle charging stations, we can help with all aspects of the transition, from managing your system with our innovative cloud-based software to assisting you in setting up the infrastructure. Contact us today to learn more about this incredible opportunity.

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