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Our OCPP Compliant Platform is for manufacturers to certify their charging stations to be a part of the most reliable and compatible cloud-based network.

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Manufacturers Already Certified on the World’s Largest Open-Standards Management Platform

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Why Certify on the EV Connect Platform?

The EV Connect management system is comprised of a cloud-based network that communicates with the charging station, driver mobile app, site host portal, and utility.

Our EVCS Certification process ensures the highest levels of network reliability, maximum charging station ability, support for load balancing, and customer satisfaction as one unified experience for drivers and site hosts to seamlessly operate and manage stations across multiple charging station manufacturers.

Communication from the EV Cloud to the stations is either via OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) or a cloud-to-cloud integration. The platform can manage an unlimited number of geographically dispersed EV charging stations and provides the following features:

About the Certification

The enhanced certification process increases the efficiency and speed of getting new EV charging stations accredited on the EV Connect platform.

EVCS Certification ensures that station behavior and performance are tested in a lab so that when they are deployed, the owner can be assured that the stations will perform predictably and optimally.

Our robust compliance certification program further supports EV Connect’s position as a leading provider of open standards-based EV solutions that offers customers choice, flexibility, and reliable service.

The certification environment provides hardware vendors with tools to ensure compatibility with EV Connect’s network protocol, provides a mechanism for testing new charge stations prior to deployment, and certifying that the integration properly and consistently handles all of the most and least common use cases.

Black Controls

Access Control

determine who can use the stations (private or public use)

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Price Control

set how much the stations cost to use, whether free or fee-based

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Interactive Map

locate charging stations and view real-time availability

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utilization and sustainability reports

Benefits of Open Network Charging Station Solutions

OCPP-based networks eliminate a station owner’s
dependence on individual suppliers.

If a charging station manufacturer ceases to exist, the station owner can switch to any other OCPP-based network.

Open Charge Point Protocols also make it easier to create a large-scale, visible networks that use a range of different charging stations since it all runs on one operating system.

OCPP assists with a reduction in development costs since software designed to provide additional functionality would only need to be developed once and not several times to fit with each individual operating system.

Giving electric vehicle charging station customers choice and flexibility to use any network on any charge station encourages charging station manufacturers and network providers to compete on price, service, product features, and innovation. The end result is a significant benefit to EV drivers as the charging station infrastructure

Get Certified Today

Organizations that are currently on the EV Connect
Network can certify their stations today at no cost. Simply login to the certification platform using your
EV connect credentials to get started!

If you are a manufacturer or organization that would like to get certified and become an EV Connect Partner, fill out this form or:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our EV charging station is currently running OCPP 1.5. Can we still get certified?

The certification platform only supports OCPP 1.6, as it is the most recent and compliant protocol that we encourage charging station manufacturers to use.

Does the certification platform support both SOAP and JSON format?

The certification platform currently only supports JSON.

What documentation is included for an EVCS Certification?

You will be provided with a step by step instructional guide, alongside video tutorials to help guide you through each test cases. After the completion and passing all the test cases, you will be provided with a certificate for the EV charging station alongside documentation of the firmware configuration that passed the certification process.

What is the cost of using the certification platform?

Currently EV Charging Station Certification is offered to EV Connect partners at no cost. If you are interested in becoming a partner and being part of the EV Connect Network, contact us by email at or by submitting the inquiry form on the website.