EV Cloud

(Platform as a Service)

Leverage EV Connect’s established, robust technology and comprehensive services to develop your own charging network.

Powering Your EV Charging Business

Developing your own EV charging network can seem as simple as installing some stations and developing an app. But, if you’ve never supported drivers or monitored station performance, there’s a lot that can be missed. And missing even one detail can undermine not just your station utilization, but your reputation. Fortunately, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

With EV Cloud, you can leverage the data architecture and advanced management and analytics capabilities of the EV Connect platform as the foundation for your own EV charging business. Not only will you benefit from our decade of experience developing features and operating one of the world’s leading charging networks, but you can also develop on a best-in-class platform for a fraction of the cost and time of building your own end-to-end solution. 

Available Solutions

You may be just starting down the path of creating your EV charging business, or you may have stations and an established product vision. Within EV Cloud, we have multiple solutions designed to meet you where you are and grow with you over time.

Blue Pioneer


Private-label the EV Connect platform and comprehensive services to offer a premium driver experience – all under your own brand.

Blue Foundations


Access our library of APIs to develop a custom, proprietary solution on our platform.

Blue Roam


Expand the reach of your app by giving your drivers access to thousands of charging stations across North America.