Use EV charger rebates to acquire more customers

EV drivers are constantly referred to as high-value guests because 70% have a bachelors or graduate degree and 40% have HHI of over $125,000

Benefits of Adding Hotel Charging Stations

Billions of dollars available nationwide in incentives and rebates for municipalities.
EV owners tend to have higher incomes
Desirable guests desire more on upgrades, services, and amenities
Repeat business from EV drivers
Free advertising listings on Google Maps and Charger App Maps
With EV adoption growing, installing EV charging stations thanks to incentives and rebates will never be cheaper!

Case Study

Check out how EV Connect helped Panda Restaurant Group fund their employee assistance program with electric vehicle charging.


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EV State Incentives

Download our free list of states that offer electric vehicle charging rebates and grants to see what incentives you qualify for to make electric charging even more affordable for your hotel.


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