EV Connect Is a Platform-Agnostic EV Charging Station Management Platform That Uses Open Standards

Solutions | Parking Lot Owners & Operators: Commercial EV Charging Stations

If you’ve invested in a parking lot, adding EV charging capabilities can be a great way to increase your ROI. Each year, more parking lot owners and operators are bringing commercial EV charging stations into their lots, to accommodate customers with green vehicles.

It’s no secret why: Now that electric vehicles have become economically viable, they are rapidly gaining market share, and parking lot operators are realizing that parking lot EV chargers have become a means of generating additional revenue from existing lots.

A Single Solutions Platform for All Aspects

With the power of EV Connect, you can manage all aspects of operating electric car charging stations on your lots. For those operating parking lot EV chargers from different vendors, EV Connect’s reliable, platform-agnostic cloud-based system allows for seamless management and quick solutions to any problem that may arise. We also enable monetization of your station investment.

We make it so that any electric vehicle can plug into virtually any brand of EV charger, and we make it effortless for you to track all the information you need to track to get the most out of this supplementary revenue source.

With fast and friendly expert-level service, your commercial EV charging stations will run smoothly, allowing you to increase your profit, retain customers, and attract new customers.

Plug In to EV Connect

We don’t just offer software. We offer extensive support, and can advise you on every step of the process. Parking operators on their own often struggle with the business questions, like how many commercial EV charging stations to install, or how to manage their EV driving visitors. At EV Connect, we can give you all the information you need to succeed, and can help you with simplifying and streamlining complicated tasks or suboptimal practices.

At EV Connect, we provide the tools, solutions, and know-how to help you provide electric car charging on your lots in a manner that makes good business sense.

To learn more about the power of EV Connect, contact us online or call us today at (866) 790-3155.