EV Charging Solutions Have Never Been More Accessible or Cost Efficient

Join the industry’s most open and flexible cloud-based EV charge station solution.

Our Partnerships


Our EV charging solutions and software are virtually limitless! Integrate your station hardware with the most flexible, cloud-based EV charge station management platform in the industry. As demand grows, open network systems are the way of the future. Be part of the future today with EV Connect.


EV charging is a growing, high value market. No need to reinvent the wheel. Leverage the EV Connect platform to help your business stand out, satisfy clients and deliver a great return on investment.


Automakers choose EV Connect because they want to give their customers affordable and convenient access to the fastest growing charging platform. See why Nissan and other automakers trust EV Connect.

As time goes on, more and more businesses are realizing that going green simply makes sense — and cents. Of course, you need a solution that is proven to work — one that will quickly motivate your employees and customers to get on board. You couldn’t ask for a better option than the full suite of EV charging solutions we offer at EV Connect.

Why EV Connect?

At EV Connect, we offer EV charging that is ROI optimized. What does that mean for your organization? It means we offer our EV charging solutions with your bottom line in mind. Just like you, we care about the return you make on your investment. This is why we work hard to customize our software and technology meet your specific needs.

In fact, we are the only platform available that is a true open network — one that adapts to your business’s needs. Our software and hardware make it easy for you, our valued customer, to switch to a different network when your service contract expires. You have total flexibility.

Flexibility Is Not Enough

At EV Connect, we certainly take pride in offering complete flexibility with our top-notch EV charging solutions. However, that’s only one part of the equation. We also give you total control over your EV charging stations through effortless cloud management.

Our solution is designed to place you in the driver’s seat of your EV charging system. With our cloud-based platform, you can optimize your stations and even enhance your relationships with your EV drivers, including loyalty program systems, reservations, and more.

Our Software

Our software stands out in the industry because it is essentially boundless. You can integrate your existing station hardware with our flexible management platform — the most user-friendly one you’ll find in today’s EV charging industry. With demand for this service growing, you can be sure that open network systems will become even more sought after in the future. You can become a part of a promising green future today and get ahead of other businesses and organizations by partnering with EV Connect.


Carmakers have also chosen us because their desire is to give their clients convenient and affordable access to our flourishing EV charging platform. Among the automakers that trust us are Nissan and GM. If you are an automaker, our EV charging solutions will no doubt help you to provide more value to your customers, and you will see that value returned right back to your bottom line.

Become Our Partner

Aside from automakers, we have partnerships with industry leaders such as GE, ABB, and even Delta. Companies are willing to work with us because we have demonstrated we put their needs first. Always. Contact us today to find out how you can also become our partner — one of the best moves you could make for your organization.