Massachusetts Incentives for Purchasing Electric Vehicles & Charging Infrastructure

Electric vehicles continue to gain market share at a rapid clip. This trend is projected to continue through the 2020s as the nation transitions to zero-emission automobiles, and is actually likely to accelerate in the years ahead as EVs achieve critical mass in the national consciousness.

Currently in Massachusetts, electric car incentives are available to support consumers, fleet managers, businesses, transit systems, and local governments who are looking to electrify their vehicles and/or install EV charging infrastructure.

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Massachusetts EV Charging Infrastructure Incentives

The flagship program for help with the cost of purchasing and installing EV charging infrastructure is the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (MassEVIP). This is an incentive program by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection with the goal of creating new EV charging infrastructure throughout the state, wherever it is likely to be needed, including:

  • Public parking lots
  • Retail and office parking lots
  • Residential parking lots
  • School and college parking lots
  • Hotel parking lots

Case Study

Panda Restaurant Group Partners with EV Connect to Expand and Manage EV Charging With 30 Dual Port Stations.


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Massachusetts Electric Car Incentives

When it comes to electrifying your fleet, there are a number of options available in Massachusetts. Two of the biggest are:

  • MOR-EV Rebate Program: Large rebates of $1500 to $2500 are available for the purchase of plug-in EVs and fuel cell EVs.
  • Tax Credits: There is no specific MA electric vehicle tax credit, but a large credit is available through the federal government, and offsets the cost of purchasing a new EV.


When You Install EV Chargers, Use EV Connect to Manage Them

EV Connect provides charging solutions for all industry segments, from retail to real estate. These solutions will help you to easily and efficiently manage your network of charging stations from a single location, and can also help you to monetize your stations.

In addition, our powerful EV Cloud Platform brings you the ability to brand, customize, and refine your EV charging systems and services.

Contact EV Connect today to learn more about how much money you can save through Massachusetts, electric car incentives, and how you can take full advantage of your EV charging infrastructure once it’s installed.

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