EV charging station incentives in Michigan

In Michigan, electric vehicle tax credits and incentives may be able to help you recoup some of the costs of purchasing and installing EV charging stations in your parking lots. The state offers grants of up to $70,000 to promote environmentally-friendly vehicles, as a result of the 2016 $14.7 billion Volkswagen settlement. Now is the time to take advantage of the Michigan EV incentives offered by some of the state’s electric utility companies

At EV Connect, we can help you find out what incentives are available in your area!

DTE and EV Connect

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If you are interested in Michigan electric car tax credits and other incentives, the next step is to learn more about managing your EV charging stations effectively.

At EV Connect, we offer powerful network charging solutions and cloud services to help you get the most out of your EV charging stations while also managing them easily and efficiently from your office.

Whether your goal is to maximize your parking lots, attract more affluent customers/employees/tenants, or make progress on emissions goals or other environmental benchmarks, our solutions can meet your needs.

The Michigan electric vehicle tax credits and other Michigan EV incentives are making it more financially viable for business owners, local governments, and fleet managers to invest in critical EV charging capacity.

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Case Study

Panda Restaurant Group Partners with EV Connect to Expand and Manage EV Charging With 30 Dual Port Stations.


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Michigan State Incentives

State agencies, federal agencies and utilities offer a variety of rebates, incentives and grants that make electric charging even more affordable. Check to see programs in your state.


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