Pepco’s EVsmart charging station incentives in Maryland

Pepco will arrange for a 50% discount, excluding taxes and shipping, at the point of sale for eligible Level 2 smart charging equipment and warranty, and up to $7,500 per Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) in installation costs.

Pepco EVsmart charging station

Pepco’s EVsmart Station Incentives and Rebates

List of available electric vehicle chargers:

Network Charger Manufacturer Model #
EV Connect BTC Power EVP-2002-30-P
EV Connect BTC Power EVP-2001-30.P
EV Connect BTC Power EVP-2001-30-W
EV Connect BTC Power EVP-2002-30.W
EV Connect EVoCharge EV032-612-002
EV Connect EVoCharge EV032-61.02
EV Connect EVoCharge EV032-311-002
EV Connect EVoCharge EV032-312-002
EV Connect EV Box EVB-BDHP-25ft-EVC
EV Connect EV Box EVB-BSHP-25ft-EVC
EV Connect EV Box EVB-BSHW-25ft-EVC
EV Connect EV Box EVB-BDHW-25ft-EVC

EVsmart Multifamily Property Rebate

  1. How do I qualify for the EVsmart multifamily property incentive?You must be an active Pepco electric customer and own and operate the multifamily property. You will be required to provide Pepco with charging data, as well as the costs the EV drivers pay to charge their vehicles.
  2. How do I apply for the incentive?You can apply for the EVsmart multifamily property incentive by reviewing the eligibility requirements and filling out the incentive form.
  3. What are the incentive amounts for this program?Pepco will arrange for a 50% discount at the point of sale for eligible Level 2 smart charging equipment and warranty, and up to $7,500 in installation costs.
  4. What other incentives are available?Pepco customers could see additional savings on charging equipment and installation through rebates and incentives offered by the Maryland Energy Administration.
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