Top California Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebates & Incentives

By September 7, 2020 Blog
enjoy California electric vehicle rebates

enjoy California electric vehicle rebatesToday in the EV Connect Blog we’re looking at the top California electric vehicle rebates and incentives for property owners and tenants who are thinking about installing EV charging stations on their parking lots.

California wants more electric vehicles on the road, but to make it happen, EV drivers need a reliable, ubiquitous electrical charging infrastructure network so they can conveniently plug in whenever and wherever they need to charge. That’s why some California electric vehicle incentives are specifically geared toward those in a position to install charging stations on their parking lots:

What Are The Benefits of Installing Chargers, And Why Now?

California electric vehicle incentives for charging stationsNow is a good time to be making long-term investments in your organization by adding this valuable EV charging infrastructure capacity. Here’s why:

  • Offset the costs of installing EV charging stations with California electric vehicle rebates and grants. These grants will not last forever. Early adopters are poised to benefit the most.
  • Provide a valuable amenity to attract employees, tenants, and customers.EV drivers are more affluent and educated than average, so by using California electric vehicle incentives to install charging stations now, you can get ahead of the curve and attract these individuals before others are competing for them.
  • Increase revenue on your commercial parking lots by monetizing your charging stations. This is particularly feasible at tourist destinations, shopping centers, pay-to-park lots, and public charging stations. (If you’re with a local government, visit our Municipalities page.)

By taking advantage of the California electric vehicle rebates and incentives for charging stations, you can help grow the number of EV drivers on our roads. Many people are considering an EV for their next purchase, but they want the peace of mind of knowing that charging up will be as convenient as stopping at a gas station.

California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project Incentives

The best place to start looking for EV charging incentives is with the California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP). With public funding by the California Energy Commission and administered by the Center for Sustainable Energy, CALeVIP offers some of the best California electric vehicle rebates for EV infrastructure in the entire United States.

CALeVIP can help you figure out how to get started with installing EV charging stations in your parking lots.

When it comes to getting funding to offset the costs of purchasing and installing EV charging equipment, you’ll want to visit their Find a Project page. There you will find links to California electric vehicle incentives for EV charging infrastructure for all the different regions in the state.

These incentives are huge! With grants of up to $4,500 or 75% of the total cost of an L2 port (and an adder of $500 for DAC/LIC or $1,000 for MUD), or up to $80,000 per DC Fast Charger, and potentially multiple charging units eligible, you could offset most—and possibly all—of your capital costs!

Electric Utility Incentives

Nationally, utility companies are the biggest sponsors of EV charging station grants and incentives, and that’s no different when it comes to California. Electric vehicle rebates and incentives are available from many of the state’s major electric utilities. This is in addition to any CALeVIP grants you may receive. There are too many electric utilities in California to list here, but it is worth contacting your local utility to find out what offerings they have.

Network Your Charging Stations with EV Connect

Once you’ve taken advantage of the California electric vehicle rebates and incentives to install your charging stations, you’ll need to network those chargers so that you can efficiently operate and monitor your network.

That’s where EV Connect comes in. Our network charging solutions and cloud platform services provide you with powerful, open-source tools to make the most out of your hardware investment.

Contact us today to get started!

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