Our EV Charging App For Drivers

The EV Connect App

With our EV charging app, drivers can easily find, access, and utilize charging stations. They can start charge sessions simply by scanning QR codes or entering the desired station IDs.

Another perk of choosing our EV Connect platform? Our app will let your drivers monitor their current charge sessions in real time. They can even get phone notifications as soon as their cars have finished charging. Finally, they can make payments for your charging services securely and safely through PayPal as well as view histories of their past charging sessions. Our EV charging app is a one-stop shop for everything a driver needs when using an EV charging station located at your business or government organization

App Guides

Need help with the EV Connect App on iPhone or Android? Let us walk you through a simple guide of the app and all the ways it can simplify your charging experience.


Referral Program

For a limited time, EV Connect’s driver referral program is offering $100 for every contact that results in a new station installation. For drivers interested in the program, please contact us.


Get A Charge Station Where You Work

“Range anxiety” is real and it’s not fun! Being able to charge up or top off at work, or wherever you regularly park, can make a big difference to your day – and your mood. Please contact us if we can help in any way.


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Let’s Work Together

With EV Connect, it’s all about you! Along with our EV charging app, we’re equipped to customize our solutions to your specific industry or organizational needs. Contact us for a free consultation.

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