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With more electric vehicles on the road each day, it’s making more sense for commercial parking lot owners to install EV charging stations on their lots.

If you are looking to install chargers on your parking lot, or if you have them already, you are probably aware that there are different manufacturers out there. At EV Connect, our systems and solutions are platform-agnostic, meaning any driver of any electric vehicle should be able to plug in to any charger from any manufacturers using our system as an interface.

BTC Power

We are certified with a number of EV manufacturers and have prepared some helpful information about them to guide your decision-making process. On this page you will find information about BTC Power EV chargers (Level 2).

BTC Chargers

Broadband TelCom Power, or BTC, is a producer of commercial EV charging stations. In business since 1999, their chargers are streamlined and multifunctional. Here are some of the benefits the BTC Power Level 2 can provide:

  • Simple Setup and Installation: Like other BTC Power EV chargers, installing this model is a breeze.
  • Analytical Power: With data collection ability and online reporting, you can gain access to valuable statistics.
  • Customization Options: You will have access to complete customization services.
  • Parking Lot Payment Management: Can be used as a parking payment system in addition to its use as a charging station.
  • Extensive Networking Options: Features LAN and cellular communication. Wi-Fi, DSL, and wireless modems are available.
  • Nice Display: Each BTC charger comes with full-color touch screens and VF displays.
  • Warranty: Two-year limited warranty is included.

Manage Your EV Chargers with EV Connect

EV Connect is the perfect way for lot owners to bridge the gap between motorists and EV charger manufacturers. Our solutions are custom designed to maximize your ROI and minimize hassle.

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