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EV Box EV Charging Stations | Manage Your Chargers with EV Connect

Are you interested in installing EV charging stations in your parking lot? If so, you are going to need the proper hardware. At EV Connect, we are able to match our state-of-the-art software with chargers from trusted manufacturers to ensure your stations can interface with as many brands and models of electric vehicles as possible.

EV Box

One of the companies we work with is EV Box, a global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations. The commercial EV Box charging station product family is called BusinessLine. A BusinessLine charger offers many benefits, including:

  • OCPP: With Open Charge Point Protocol, each EV Box charger enables electric vehicles to communicate with your central charging system.
  • Impressive Specs: EV Box’s BusinessLine models have varying kWh ratings, an option for one or two connectors, wall and pole mounting options, and a fixed cable.
  • Flexibility: With a BusinessLine EV Box charging station, you can take complete control over who is able to use your station. If you want a select number of clients or employees to have access to your station, you can arrange that.
  • Ready for Upgrades: The electric vehicle industry is rapidly evolving, and with an EV Box charger, you can be sure you are utilizing the most up-to-date technology. Their hardware is modular and fully upgradable.
  • Dependable: With a 99.8 percent uptime, the BusinessLine chargers are some of the most reliable EV solutions out there.

Manage Your EV Chargers with EV Connect

For more information on EV Box chargers products and how our comprehensive Charge Station Management Services can help you, contact us today to get in touch with one of our representatives.