A burnt orange electric car’s fuel port is open and has an EV charger plugged in

General Electric EV Charging Stations | Manage Your Chargers with EV Connect

In the last decade, the electric vehicle industry has undergone remarkable change. With more and more people switching to electric cars, the number of them on the road is growing rapidly.

This presents a major opportunity for parking lot owners. Setting up electric vehicle chargers is not easy, though: A successful setup requires the right products, the right software, and the right strategy—one that is unique to your situation.

General Electric

In addition to creating the software, we work with manufacturers throughout the industry to provide the best Level 2 EVSE charging stations out there. One of those companies is General Electric.

Here are some benefits of connecting your GE charging station to EV Connect’s software:

  • Active Monitoring: Your GE charging station will be monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Premium Driver Services: Your drivers will be able to make reservations, join a queue, write reviews, and enter guest codes.
  • In-Depth Reporting: Each GE EV charger can provide metrics on schedules and sustainability.
  • Network Management Capabilities: Through its partnership with us, GE is able to offer additional network management capabilities that improve your ability to control many aspects of the charge station.

Manage Your EV Chargers with EV Connect

At EV Connect, we make this process both simple and scalable, which is why our clients range from small business owners of individual parking lots all the way up to large entities like Yahoo, Marriott, and the City of Los Angeles. By integrating chargers with our flexible, cloud-based software, you will find it easy and profitable to manage your new EV charging stations.

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