EV Charging Infrastructure Companies

Like many other organizations, you may be excited about adding brand-new EV charging stations to your premises for both customers and employees alike. However, if you already have charging points in place, we make it easy to integrate your hardware from multiple EV charging infrastructure companies with our flexible, cloud-based EV charge station management platform.

Integrating Hardware

Let’s say you took advantage of a subsidized or free program and then invested in your own charge station later on. Now, you’re left with hardware from multiple vendors who operate on different networks.

That’s why we’ve engineered our platform to be the most open, flexible, and intuitive system for integrating hardware from multiple EV charging infrastructure companies.

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Our Technology

We offer a number of Level 2 EVSE charging stations and hardware from leading manufacturers. We can also complete a site assessment for you to determine which technology will work best for your organization’s needs.

What EV Connect Can Do For You

At EV Connect, we also feature comprehensive Charge Station Management Services, which you may utilize take care of everything from site selection, utility coordination, energy management, and more. No need to divert or dedicate staff. Simply train a site manager, monitor your network of drivers and EV charging stations. We’ll handle everything else.

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