Ongoing Programs

EV Connect participates in many programs, grants and customer-oriented projects. The list featured below includes a few of the best programs currently available.

Electrify America

EV Connect is an Electrify America EV solutions partner and will provide the charging stations and software to both multifamily and workplace properties.

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EV CaaS stand for “EV Charging-as-a-Service.” This includes a commercial charging station, smart station software, and on-going management for interested EV Drivers.

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PG&E EV Charge Network

EV Connect has partnered with PG&E to provide electric vehicle charging at workplace and mult-unit dwellings throughout the PG&E territory.

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New York EV Communities

We are partnering with GE, SparkFund, and NYPA to give potential site hosts in New York complete charging stations solutions at little to no cost.

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